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Our goal is reasonable hearing aid repairs, for a device that should last years when maintained. Over 40 years of experience repairing all brands and types of hearing aids!! Your used and refurbished hearing aid experts! $190.00 gets you a quality hearing aid repair or reshell. In the Ear (ITE), Behind the Ear BTE), Body aids and Completely in the Canal (CIC). Interested in discounted aids and accessories? please email your request at HEARINGAID@ACNINC.NET

Have you sent your hearing aid to a dealer for repairs only to have them quote a repair price so high that you might as well buy a new hearing aid? At Score Components Inc., we repair hearing aids for one third to half the cost of most dealers!

  • We can usually get it back to you within two weeks!
  • We can replace or repair your hearing aid microphones, speakers, circuit boards and plastic parts.
  • We have most parts in stock and can turn around your hearing aid usually within a few days!We don't charge you if we can't fix it! You only pay return shipping.


Check the number of ebay sellers that use us. Our reputation speaks for itself. You can purchase our services with Paypal or pay with check, money order, etc. Terms and Conditions: You are paying for ONE service. If the amplifier is bad, you will be contacted as to the pricing options. Due to availability, parts will new or reconditioned. Payment is expected prior to return shipment. All sales are final. Shipping: back to you is FREE by regular mail once fixed, insurance is optional and extra, We will ship it overnight if you request and pay an expediting fee.

  • Question: What does it cost to have a pair of aids remolded.
  • Answer: Most shells can be made for $190.00 each.
  • Question: Who can  program the aids?
  • Answer: We can adjust hearing aids but a local hearing profession is the best to program your aid. Manufactures continually change their software and interfaces. It is good idea to make sure there is a dealer in your town if you need a minor adjustment later.
  • Question: Can you use my old aids as a mold for the new shells?
  • Answer: We would rather not use anything that has been cut down to size already. When a mold is made we get an idea of the whole ear and the placement of the aid in it, and we are not limited to the size of the precut form. Not to say it can't be done, but it is usually a better fit this way. If you wish to take the chance we will try but if you don't like the fit, the re-reshell would not be free.


Most people are told that their hearing aid is too old or wrong for their hearing loss. This is almost never true and only used to make a sale. Most Hearing aids can be cleaned and basic parts replaced to bring the hearing aid back to meet your needs cheaply! Most repairs can be avoided by proper cleaning and care of your hearing aid! Keep it clean and dry.

We repair all brands STARKEY, BELTONE, AUDIOTONE, ARGOSY, UNITRON, DAHLBERG, PHONAK, MAICO, ZENITH AND ALL THE OTHERS!!! We Sell Spare Parts For Your Hearing Aid when possible! If we don't have it, we can get it. Are you worried about sending your hearing aid away for repairs? Did you know that when you take your hearing aid to a Dealer or Doctor, they usually don't have the inhouse expertise to do component level repair and they actually send it away, usually out of state? Why not cut out the middleman and get your hearing aid repaired for 1/2 the price!

Manufactures continuously change programming software and methods. They do not want others adjusting their hearing aids. You should use a hearing professional local to you to program your hearing aids.

42.00 USD

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